Ecoplast Industries is one of the oldest companies in the Middle East dealing in PET. With humble beginnings as a trader in the UK, we are now handling over 2000 tons of PET waste each month from all over the world.

We buy from more than 14 countries and sell to fiber manufacturers in China and Ukraine, to food grade sheet manufacturers in Europe. Eighty percent of our material is postindustrial and the remaining twenty percent from high quality hot washing plants.

Ecoplast also has its own sorting and crushing facility in SAIF Zone, Sharjah, where all the PET waste collected locally is sorted, crushed and packed ready for export.

Our product range is as follows:

  • Clear PET Flakes Post Industrial
  • Light Blue and Green PET Flakes Post industrial
  • Hot Washed PET flakes
  • PET Sheet Regrind
  • PET Preform Regrind
  • PET Lumps (Resin and Film Grade)
  • PET Resin.

Over the years we have built up strong ties with customers as over the world, based on mutual trust derived from high quality and timely deliveries.